A selection of bespoke work I've done that reflect the different styles of composition I'm familiar with.

Other clients include Ikea, Volkswagen, Citroen, Voslauer, Smart, Audi, Google Nexus, Etos and Vodafone. 

For more of my personal work as performing/recording/visual artist Someone, click here.

Bros Before Hos

Soundtrack: Composition, performance, production "Dreaming of You"

Created this fuzzy, warm acoustic song to portray true romance in Steffen & Flip's excellent film. 

Turkish Airlines - 6 Senses

Composition, performance, production

A spacey blend of synthesizers and vocals, for a mesmerising spot by Turkish Airlines.

Hershey's - Diner

Composition, performance, production

As someone who grew up listening to the Andrews Sisters, getting to put together this track was like heaven. Not unlike chocolate, come to think of it.

Humanis - Les rêveurs de Humanis

Performance, production

I created this piano-and-vocals cover of classic tune "Ain't No Mountain High Enough".

Uniqlo - "Mmm Pop!"



A little French retro tune I composed for Uniqlo.

Thanks Plants!

Composition, performance, production

An ode to our leafy green friends.

Random Shit - Episode "Le Poids Du Monde"

Soundtrack: Composition, performance, production

Another French job. Composed and performed two Brel-style chansons for Steffen & Flip's excellent new series.

Google Nexus - I Do

Composition, production

My song "Now I See" was chosen to support this message of love in all shapes and forms.

Haig Club - Father's Day

(feat. David Beckham)


Composed this indie grunge stomper for David Beckham, performed by the brilliant Faut Haut.

Swisscom - Finally TV Weather

Composition, performance, production

Another vintage one - composing a song that sounds like it was made way back when. Always fun.

Pearle Vision "Olivia"

Soundtrack: Composition, performance, production

Composed, produced and performed this song together with the brilliant Manna Horsting to tell this young girl's story.

VW - Balloon

Performance, production

A sweet lo-fi song for a cute kid and his balloon.

David Spearing - Hello

Composition, performance, production

(in collaboration with Darius Timmer)

A beautiful short film about robots that Darius Timmer and I wrote a synth-based melancholic tune for.

Coca Cola x DIESEL (The Re-Collection)

Composition, production, performance

All retro funk for this new Diesel spot!

Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman (2017)

Feature film score: composition, performance, production

Dreamjob? Composing and performing epic spaghetti western themes, but then as if you were Vangelis.

Terminal (2017) Soundtrack

Performance "Through the Looking Glass" & "Queen of Hearts"

Performed two songs for this epic film, both composed by Newton Faulkner.

Smart - Electric

Composition, production

80s hiphop, sustainable driving and as many word-puns as possible, you say? I'm on it.

Hunkemoller - Christmas

Composition, production

Always a good day to write fuzzy female punk and then lather it with sleighbells! Ho ho ho!

Volkswagen - Demanding Family

Composition, production

I love scoring musical comedy! 

BMW Motorsport - The Duel

Composition, performance, production

I got to pretend to be Ennio Morricone for a couple days on this one.

PostNL - Manifest

Composition, performance, production

A simple little - loving - piano quatre-mains.