I am Tessa. I am a musician and a visual artist. My passion is combining an image with a sound in a way that they fuze together completely, to tell a story. 

I am always open to working on new, inspiring projects.

Drop me a line at   tessarosejackson [at] gmail.com.  I check my email far too often.



Under the name Someone, I release psychedelic, cinematic pop music and abstract art and perform live with my band accompanied by my own animations. This is my passion project, and through Someone I aim to shake up the boundaries that separate art and music.
For example: Instead of CD or vinyl, I released my new EP "ORBIT" in the shape of five artworks, that come to life using my Augmented Reality app. Read more about that on: www.someoneswebsite.com/orbit.

I have a great passion for cinematic composition, and love working for film and TV. I have extensive experience composing for commercials (through Sizzer Amsterdam) and recently scored a full-length feature film.
For a summary of my composition work, have a look here!

As a graphic designer, I also love working on commission. Book covers, album artwork and animation videos are all up my alley (previous clients include the Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Dotan and Vinyl Moon). Here is my graphic design portfolio.