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I live something of a musical double-life.


The other half I spend on creating music and art on commission. I have extensive experience working for (short) film, TV, commercials, trailers, podcasts and producing albums for my fellow artists.

I specialise in composing both full songs as well as instrumental music, in styles varying from classic jazz to 80's synthwave, modern pop, indie folk or transcendental soundscapes. If there's a story to be told through music, I'm there.

I also frequently work in collaboration with my partner Darius Timmer, as composing duo "Tiny Tiger".

Feel free to drop me an email for a link to my showreel, as well as my full CV.


Half of my time I spend releasing my own music and art as "Someone". I have released 2 albums and 4 EP's and also perform live with my six-piece band. My most recent album "Shapeshifter" was released in September 2021.

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